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         Corollary Equipment Managing Company of Jinan Tianchen Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly deal in hydraulic universal testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, compression testing machine, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, hardness tester, non-destructive testing instrument, element analysis instrument, optical testing instrument, rubber and plastic testing equipment, electronic scale, environmental testing equipment and accessories of testing machine etc. Our company can supply many varieties of testing instrument and technical service for metallurgy, metalworking machine buolding, aerospace, shipping, vehicle, traffic, petroleum and , natural gas, building materials, plastic sheet, rubber and wood, textile and colleges and universities.
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Jinan Tianchen Testing Machine Manufacturing Co, Ltd   Tel: +86-531-88608888 88620000
Fax: +86-531-88607888 E-mail: Service Tel: +86-400-658-6660
ICP Record Number: 魯ICP備.12027331號
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