Indonesian Customer Visited Jinan Tianchen

As our company adheres developing the international market as a long time policy, we have actively participated in many international exhibitions, which result in attracting many foreign customers visiting us and starting the cooperation with us.


Recently, four customers from Indonesia visited us in April, 2013. That customer started to know us from a foreign exhibition we attended in 2012. By that time, they were amazing in our testing machines’ beautiful appearance, wide product range and complete testing solutions. They were very interested to visit us and check the cooperating possibility.


In our company, the customer visited our various departments and had detailed communication on technical questions with us. Our technical level, machining center, assembling workshop, environmental laboratory, quality inspect center left the customer with deep impression. After checking the working performance of our new product- WDW-G Series Computerized Electronic Universal Testing Machine, the customer praised it and had strong interest to promote it in Indonesia market.


At last, a long time business relationship entered into detailed discussion. The customer declared it’s their right decision to cooperate with a real manufacturer with reliable product quality and best after-sales service.


As a leading manufacturer and server in Material Testing Machines in China, Jinan Tianchen always has responsibility to create more and more successful stories with you.






















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